Monday, June 2, 2008


Here are a couple of new pieces that will be in my solo show at Magic Pony in November. More scans of new work to come! (Seriously).


Marcia said...

Magical! Hope to make it in November.

Andrew Bailey said...

oh man this are so good, i'm realy digging the blue tron-esque/ digital stuff happening at the bottom of the bottom one. congrats on the show btw! i'll definitely be there!

Larissa_T said...

magnificent andrew.
you are magnificent.

i predict a sold out show! tits everywhere! babies crying! hair being ripped out and thrown all over the floor!!! said...

so good buddy, serious. i was kinda spaced out last night and was unable to praise u the way i would've liked (i think lily tampered with that nutrient chocolate).
so dope, larissa's right, sold out!

Andrew Wilson said...

Thanks, guys!