Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Studio

For the past 3 years I've rented a studio in the Darling Building, at Spadina and Adelaide. It's a shared space with a bunch of other guys. I share my area with my friend, Adam. Adam builds crazy machines, so our studio kind of looks like a mad scientist's laboratory. Over the summer I was working so hard on the work for Mittenfists and assisting my friend, Nick (DiGenova) with his show that I ended up sleeping/living in the studio for most of the summer. Since Nick's studio was just across the hall from mine I spent a LOT of time on the 8th floor of the Darling Building. Towards the end of the summer, when deadlines were fast approaching for both shows, my schedule turned into this:

- wake up around 11am and work for Nick until 6pm
- go across the hall to my studio and work on my show until about 6am
- try to sleep for a bit.

After Mittenfists, I promised Nick that I'd basically work around the clock, painting for him. (It is a paying job, after all). At this point our schedule looked more like this:

- wake up around 12pm
- work until 7 or 8am
- try to sleep for a bit.

Art can be a lot of fun, and it can also make you want to die. Thankfully the first outweighs the later.

Anyway, the point of this was to say that the studio has been my second, and sometimes first, home for a while now. I've seen many sunrises and sunsets through its windows and from its fire escape balcony. Soon everyone in the entire building has to leave. Some developer bought it and is turning into a condo. Nick and I are lucky to have already found a new studio, at Niagra and Tecumseth, He's already moved in, and I will be soon. (Pictures to come).

Here's a bunch of pictures from around the studio from the summer:

Our door:


One day a falcon was perched on the fire escape for a while:


Sometimes my friend, Simone would come hang out and keep me company:

My desk:



tb said...

this is my favourite blog ever.

keys open doors.

Nicholas Di Genova said...

this is also my favourite blog ever.

"Art can be a lot of fun, and it can also make you want to die. Thankfully the first outweighs the later."

I have to disagree.

You picked a photo of me smoking! I looked at it, and hated the man in that photo, because he gets to enjoy a cigarette and I don't. Then I tried t smoke my laptop...

The good news is that I've re-introduced Smoothie Club, and you my friend are a founding member. Maybe we can finally produce that podcast we've been dreaming of: This Week in Smoothies.

David said...

I had alot of fun hangingout that one time.

WHen's the party?????

Nicholas Di Genova said...

I also had alot of fun hanging out that one time.

Anonymous said...

This blog is dope shit. Unfortunately, Smoothie Club is just shit.
Erin. said...

i'm glad you finally have a blog/site. up until now, whenever people would ask me about your work i'd send them this link:

since you're so down with sports (i dont know anyone else with their own card), do you know where i can find an indoor bball court for the winter? preferably the same caliber as the air canada center, if not better.

peace bro