Friday, March 21, 2008

New Studio

Hey everyone (or anyone, really) - sorry it's been so long since the last update. I never wanted such a break to happen, but I've been very busy lately. I'll try not to let it happen again.

I digress.

As I've already mentioned, my old studio in 96 Spadina is being turned into condos. This means that everyone has been kicked out. Luckily, I found a new studio pretty quickly. I share the space with my two friends Nick and Daniel. When we first moved in the place needed a lot of work, a lot of which we've already done. The new space is a lot more livable because it used to be an apartment - things like a bathroom with a bathtub/shower, kitchenette and two extra rooms help a lot when spending many days in a row at the studio. There's still more to do (such as build bunk beds and more walls) , but we're very happy with how the space is shaping up.

Here are some shots from around the studio (excuse the mess; normally it's cleaner):

The bedroom:

My resin room:

My desk (with work in progress):

More works in progress:

Here's Daniel and I building a wall: